I Want My Lauren

Ummm, super cute!! (at Christmas on Las Olas)

Bye la :) (at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX))

Shooting a video with @kingbach #hot #bachlorspadtv (at City of Los Angeles)

Me and @kingbatch #hot #bachelorpadtv (at Majestic Halls)

Shooting an awesome @bartbaker video :) with the amazing @kingbach and @Shiralazar @maker (at Maker Studios)

Shooting an #christmas video! With @thejasonhorton and @aaronmichaelking (at Superman’s Cave)

Yay! It’s Christmas :) #christmastree @jamestmcfadden (at Glitter And Woodchips)

Yay #happybirthday @agentshawnee :) @aaronmichaelking making @youtube magic! :) (at Astro Burger)

Shooting today #realelfwives @jess_lizama @youtube @nikkilimo :) #happyholidays #adoptacat (at Hollywood Casting and Film Studios)

On set with @jess_lizama @nikkilimo for #realelfwives #cats (at Hollywood Casting and Film Studios)

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